Christos Prosylis
Film & Theatre Director - Artist - Writer

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Chris Prosylis is active in a parallel yet entirely different artistic universe. He uses performance, digital media, the internet and he basically belongs to a [small] international avant-garde that explores the sculptural languages of the years to come in experimental ways. What makes Prosylis' work stand out is his insistence of the purity of the use of new media and his effort to create unique voices and aesthetics instead of reproducing those of the past. He uses the notion of the Body through actors and dancers, whilst redefining the tradition of ancient Greek drama by using digital projections. Aside from the artistic output, Prosylis is a prolific writer. His 2002 manifesto begins like this: "Each net citizen [netizen] has cultural self-determination and independence, regardless of their social, political or ideological status". And he is absolutely right.  

Thanasis Moutsopoulos

Art Historian - Art Critic
Prof. in University of Crete, Greece


The adventure of a system in the making

The project forms part of the artist’s long-standing and ongoing preoccupation with innovative ways of expression through art. Prosylis has for years stretched the boundaries of performance and digital art and film/stage directing and is now venturing into a new field of research, exploring existing systems of knowledge transfer and communication.

Academic lecturing is one such system. A lecturer lives and works within an established social system of codes and signs, which is, however, constantly personalised by him or her. Lecturers send their messages across both from within a system and as individuals. They are, in a sense, performers who act according to directing, but also make their own particular interpretations. This complex semiotic system is taken up as an example by the artist, who uses a number of ‘catalysts’ –other established systems, in this case ancient drama and myth- to initially unpack and highlight the particulars of the semiotics of academic lecturing. He then eventually re-synthesizes everything into a new whole that is a combination of the above in the form of artistic creation. Prosylis’s experimentation is facilitated and enriched by the use of cutting-edge new technologies, which enable him to both improvise and create a unique aesthetic experience, while exploring the elements of a new ‘system’ in the making. The title of the project reflects its main parameters, namely the contribution of the academic lecturer to knowledge and a furthering of thought as a parallel to the mythical hero’s Prometheus’s contribution to the enlightenment and empowerment of the human kind.

With this experiment Prosylis seeks to define a new expressive means for himself as a director, which he will elaborate through a series of similar performances, with the participation of different lecturers exploring different themes. At the same time, the artist offers a wide audience an opportunity to question established systems and participate in the creation of new ones, which reflect contemporary thought and behaviour. Prosylis also finds here an opportunity for an in-depth exploration of his role as the artist-manager/administrator of pre-existing ‘materials’, in this case people, systems, situations and technological possibilities.

Evi Baniotopoulou

Art Historian - Art Critic













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