Chris Prosylis
Film & Theatre Director - Artist - Writer

Ελληνική έκδοση




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Chris Prosylis is a film/theatre director, artist and writer. Chris is based in London, UK, and Athens, Greece. He studied acting and film directing. He studied also Theatre Studies in University of Athens, Greece. He holds a Master's in Digital Arts by Athens School of Fine Arts, and National Technical University of Athens. Chris is expert in the field of the Technology in Directing. Very much experienced, since early '90s, he has a strong background in film and theatre directing and fine arts, including in his experience a lot of theatre performances, films, documentaries, art projects, performance art, video art installations, new media art and digital art. Chris is the founder of the Acting Code advanced acting and directing technique [Grand Master]. He is the founder and Director of the London Greek Film Festival, as well as of Cosmocinema and Cosmotheatre theatre research group, in London, UK.








1985-2018  Christos Prosylis - Χρήστος Προσύλης